Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in Your Community

Northwest Rehab Alliance (NWRA) is a network of privately practicing therapy providers. Our network serves the majority of Oregon and Washington with access to high-quality outpatient rehabilitation services. We currently have over 260 locations serving the vast majority of the populace in the two-state region. Most of our clinics provide physical therapy and/or occupational therapy services.

Each of our locations is dedicated to serving patients, physicians, employers and health plans with caring and successful rehabilitation. Our clinics can help patients with neck pain, back pain, extremity and sports injuries. We also help resolve injuries that occur from work or repetitive motion, and from the pain and discomfort that result from motor vehicle accidents. Our therapists routinely serve patients who have undergone a variety of surgical procedures. We can help people get back to work and leisure activities, and assist people in regaining the functional use of their bodies so that they may get the most from life.

Physical therapists and occupational therapists can provide significant injury prevention education, teaching people proper body mechanics, lifting techniques, activities of daily living and provide valuable instruction in ergonomically performing work tasks. Therapists can also assist athletes in enhancing their physical strength and their endurance.

NWRA member clinics have been physically inspected, their providers have been credentialed, and their services are routinely reviewed through a system of outcomes data collection and patient satisfaction monitoring. NWRA is committed to being part of the search for improved healthcare value and cost effective service.

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